Family of the week, part 2: The recordings

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After brief daily live recordings from Monday to Thursday for the BBC Radio Oxford breakfast show’s ‘Family of the week’ we had a great time in the studio on Friday the 1st December. For an hour and a half we got a look behind the scenes, and were give some more air time. It was a fantastic experience for everyone, and hats off to David Prever and the team for weaving all the content and live input together, seemingly without effort. Well done also to our our little tribe, it looks like we have finally found a way to induce model behaviour in our kids, you just need a radio studio. Easy!!

On another note, it was great to share about the journey ahead (among other things!), and for anyone who would like to listen back to any snippets, please find the audio recordings from Friday below:



Once in Nepal, the team at Radio Oxford would like to be in touch again, and maybe do a follow up.

So watch this space.